Garden Tractor Pulls

Rules and Regulations

Garden Tractor Pulls


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General Rules

  • Pulls are open to lawn and garden tractors, rear wheel drive with rubber tires. All power must be transmitted through the rear wheels. No dual wheels, chains or spikes. Tires must be of garden tractor type.
  • All tractors must be equipped with working brakes, fenders, hood and grill, with all safety shields in place. Antique tractors: hood, grill and fender requirement may be waived in the Lawn Stock class only.
  • No portion of the tractor can interfere with the sled hook-up. No portion of the tractor, including weights, may exceed 8-ft. forward of the center of the rear axle, 6 ft. in width and 12 inches outside of the tire sidewalls.
  • All tractors MUST have wheelie bars to prevent turnovers. A pair of these devices are to have wheels or skid plates. Wheels any size up to 7-inch diameter, no pneumatic tires. A pair of skid plates each being at least 1.5″X3″ at ground contact point. Devices must be no less than 5″ behind the rear tires and not more than 5″ above the ground, and allow the front axle to raise no more than 24″ from its normal position. These devices must be strong enough to support the full weight of the tractor. A bar between the wheelie bars and/or wheelie bar wheels cannot touch the sled chain at any time.
  • All classes are to be weighed with tractor and driver ready to pull. All weights must be safely secured. Weights cannot swing behind rear tires during the pull or it will result in disqualification. Any weight or part falling off during the pull will result in disqualification. The pull is over when the machine comes to a complete rest on the ground. Fluid loss is OK. No movable weights. Weights cannot extend behind the rear tires or above the top of the steering wheel, and can’t interfere with the hook-up of the sled.
  • Engine speed must be controlled by speed control lever or pedal. No string, wire or other bypass allowed. No nitrous oxide or any other pressurized fuel tanks in any class.
  • The driver must remain seated during the pull and have at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times. All tractors must have a safely secured normal size seat with at least a 3-inch high back or stock seat for the tractor.
  • Shifting of gears either by hydrostatic, automatic or gear type is permitted as long as forward motion of the sled does not stop. All Lawn Stock, Factory Stock, 0-16 hp Single Cylinder Stock, 0-20 Stock and 25 HP Stock Tractors must have reverse gear.
  • A kill switch that will stop the engine in case of the chain or drawbar breaking is to be located within 6″ of the center at the rear of the tractor and must be easily accessible. This must have at least a 1″ ring to hook to the breakaway cable on the sled. This is recommended for Lawn Stock class, but Mandatory in all other classes and all youth (less than 18 years of age) driven tractors.
  • Tractors will be disqualified if any part of the tractor touches the out of bound line during the pull, including the first 35-ft. and the test puller. Wheels may go over the line and back in as long as they don’t touch the line or the ground outside the line.
  • No turbos, superchargers or blowers allowed in any class. Engine can only have one carburetor.
  • Any tractor with a completely covered flywheel must have an inspection panel to check for an OEM flywheel.
  • The driver must be able operate tractor on their own (start, stop and steer). Driver can only enter one tractor in a class. The tractor can only pull in two classes and only once in a class.

Lawn Stock

Factory Stock

Modified Stock