Angel Food Cake Contest

Contest rules and regulations


Angel Food Cake Information Sheet (PDF)

1. Open to any individual amateur baker who is a resident of Pennsylvania.
2. Entrants may NOT have won 1st place in this Angel Food Cake contest at any other fair in 2024.
3. Entry must be an Angel Food Cake made from “scratch”. All ingredients and decorations must be edible.
4. Pennsylvania produced & packed eggs are requested to be used if at all possible. Please look for the PEQAP or PA Preferred logo or PA packaging dates on the carton.
5. Refrigeration is NOT available at the Fair or PA Farm Show. Entries that require refrigeration after baking must indicate so in the recipe. Those entries will not be sold, auctioned or otherwise distributed for consumption after judging for food safety reasons.
6. The entire Cake entry must be submitted for judging on cardboard or other food safe disposable setting. (All pans, plates and dishes are considered to be disposable and will not be returned.)
7. Recipe(s) listing the ingredients and the preparation instructions must be submitted with the entry (printed on one-side of 8-1/2” x 11” size paper). Entrant’s name, address, & phone # must be printed on the back of all pages. (All recipes and cakes will become the property of the Fair or PA Farm Show and will not be returned.)


  • First Place Winner is eligible for the 2025 PA Farm Show competition.
  • Premiums for the 2025 PA FARM SHOW Competition : First Place-$500, Second Place-$250, Third Place-$100, Fourth & Fifth Place-Rosette Ribbons 

Judging Criteria


Flavor (smell, taste, flavoring) 30 points
Inside Characteristics (texture & lightness) 25 points
Overall Appearance (surface, size, color) 20 points
Creativity 15 points
Topping, Icing or Decoration 10 points
Total 100 points



First Place $80.00
Second Place $60.00
Third Place $40.00
Fourth Place $20.00